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Fee Agreement

A flat fee is offered for judicial districts in northeastern Colorado and the Denver metro area.  The services provided to
the clients are the same and the variance in the fee is related to distance and travel time.  There will be no additional
costs for services provided unless a court appearance is required.

If a court appearance is required the additional fees will be:  $35/hr. for travel time to and from court, $.55/mile for
mileage to and from court, and $100/hr. for court testimony and waiting to give testimony.  The minimum fee for court
testimony will be $100.  Fractions of an hour will be billed in 15 minute increments.  The costs to provide testimony in
court will not exceed $500, unless prior court approval to exceed the presumptive cap of $500 is obtained.

____1st   Judicial District - $ 2500 - $ 2750         ___ 2nd  Judicial District - $ 2500 - $ 2570
____8th   Judicial District - $ 2
500 - $ 2750         ___13th  Judicial District - $ 2750
____17th Judicial District - $ 2500 - $ 2750         ___18th  Judicial District - $ 2500 - $ 2750
____19th Judicial District - $ 2500 - $ 2750         ___ 20th Judicial District - $ 2500 - $ 2750

The fee associated with your case must be paid prior to services being provided.  No services or investigation will occur
until the fees have been received from both parties, if both parties have financial responsibility.  In many cases the
court will determine what percent of the fees you must pay.  If you were determine indigent, your fee will be paid by the

I understand that the fee required in my case is _______ and that I am responsible for _______% of that fee.  I agree
to pay my portion of the fee for the services to be provided by the Child and Family Investigator in full, prior to the
beginning of the investigation.

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