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Informed Consent Regarding Court Related Services

I understand that Mark Mettler of Mettler Child Custody Services, LLC has been appointed by the Court to act as a Child
and Family Investigator.  In that role his responsibilities are to gather information that will assist the Court in making
decisions regarding the parenting of my children.  

I understand that I am to cooperate with the investigation and that I should make myself and my children available for
interviews and observation.  I understand that I must share information and/or provide documentation regarding any
evaluations either I or my children have undergone.  I understand that the investigator may wish to speak with the
professionals that provided treatment and that I must sign releases that allow that communication to occur.  I
understand that I can discuss concerns with the Child and Family Investigator and that these concerns may be shared
with others involved in the case.  I understand that information gathered by the investigator is generally not confidential
and will be shared with the Court, attorneys involved in the case, and adults involved in the case.  I understand that
other family members and persons, who have a significant relationship with me and my children, may be interviewed.  I
understand that I can confer with my attorney at any time and delay actions or decisions until I have consulted with my

I understand that at the end of the investigation a report will be compiled with recommendations regarding parenting
that will be shared with the Court.  I understand that a meeting prior to the court hearing may occur for the purpose of
apprising me of the recommendations of the Child and Family Investigator.  I understand that the intent of this meeting
is to give me an opportunity to correct any factual errors and that it is not meant for entertaining arguments regarding
the recommendations.  I understand that the Court is not required to follow the recommendations.

I understand that the Child and Family Investigator will not begin any services until I have signed the; Informed Consent,
Fee Agreement, and Disclosure Statement.

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