There may be reasons that you need to consult with and acquire the services of a
good attorney.  Peace of mind is very important and often the use of an attorney in
custody matters provides that sense of security.

If you are not in need of an attorney and think that you can develop a Parenting
Plan that will work for all parties, you can utilize the forms provided at the Colorado
Judicial Branch website.  Those forms are found under the forms tab and in the
heading Domestic/Family.

If you would like some help with developing a Parenting Plan and feel that you
would benefit from an impartial party being involved in its creation, consider
contacting me.  Obviously, I have had experience developing plans in situations
where there is the existence of some level of conflict.  Though as a CFI I do not
practice mediation, in consulting with you about a plan, I would try to help you
resolve some of the differences that are interfering with your ability to co-parent.
I think it is extremely important to recognize that the plan you develop today will
have to change with time.  How you manage to compromise in the following years
will have a significant impact on your relationships with your children.

My fees for consulting and assisting in developing a Parenting Plan are $60 an hour.  
If I must travel to your home in order to consult or develop the plan there will be a
charge of $35 an hour for travel time and $.50 a mile for mileage.  You will be
expected to pay for my services at the time they are rendered.  I will accept cash or
personal checks.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
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