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Child and Family Investigator Qualifications

I am Mark Mettler a Child and Family Services professional who has worked with high conflict families and custody
situations for over 25 years.  Most of my professional life has been spent working for government agencies in the area
of child welfare.  I have carried out the roles of investigative caseworker, placement caseworker, intervention
caseworker, and supervisor for all of these functions.  Over the years I have received numerous trainings in the areas of
child development, attachment, conflict resolution, cultural diversity, substance abuse, domestic violence, and forensic
interviewing.  I have been trained regarding the effects of psychopathology on the family and have made many
recommendations regarding parenting where some level of mental illness was present in the family.  

Not all the cases I worked with involved abuse or mental illness.  For a number of years I worked as a diversion
caseworker, working with families where the major problem was poor communication.  I specialized in conflict resolution
and treatment planning that focused on the modification of the dysfunctional behaviors that were keeping the family in
distress.  I believe families can solve problems and that relationships can be improved when communication problems
are addressed.

I also worked in treatment programs for children and adults.  These programs were residential and hospital settings.  In
both of these programs children had been removed from the home due to safety and mental health issues.  Treatment
was provided and as behaviors improved, children were returned home.

My formal education is an undergraduate degree from the University of South Dakota.  I have Bachelors Degree
s in
Psychology and Sociology.  I am not a licensed therapist and do not provide therapy in any form.

Philosophically, I believe all parents want what is best for their children.  Unfortunately, many times the conflicts that
occur as the result of divorce interfere with parenting to the best of the parent’s ability.  Divorce can be the beginning of
a new life and the children can benefit from this change, if the parents can develop a healthy parenting plan.