Welcome to my web site, and thank you for taking the time to learn
more about what I can do for you. Since January 2006, I have been
working as a Child and Family Investigator in northeastern Colorado.  
I accept both fee based and state paid cases.  I have worked with clients
that are represented by attorneys and with clients that appear in court
Pro se (representing themselves).  It is not necessary for you to have
an attorney to have a Child and Family Investigator
(CFI) appointed to
your case.  If you as parents, aren't able to come to an agreement
regarding a Parenting Plan, you can request that the Court appoint a
CFI.  The Court may have someone that they prefer, or they may ask
if you have someone that you would like to work with as the CFI in
your case. Remember, I do not represent the parents involved in the
case.  My job is to research information that is shared and then
construct recommendations for the Court that address concerns
regarding Parenting Time and Decision Making.  Many times when
divorced or divorcing  parents are in conflict regarding the care of their
children, their perceptions of what is in their "child/children's best
interest" differ.

You can expect that I will be having a number of interviews with you,
your child, and other persons or professionals involved with your
family.  History both past and present will be taken into consideration
when determining the significance of your relationship with your child.  
Time will also be designated for the purpose of observing how you and
your child relate.  Having knowledge regarding family systems and
child development  makes it possible for me to evaluate how a child
best benefits from their relationship with their parent.
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There is no
friendship, no love
like that of the
parent for the child.

Henry Ward Beecher.