I think every child benefits from having a relationship with both parents if
those relationships are not abusive or neglectful in their nature.  For many
years I worked with out of control adolescents.  Most of those children were
from blended families or single parent households.  Many times the conflicts
in the home were the result of inconsistent expectations for the child.  The
parents of the child were unable to support each other and the child had
figured out how to manipulate both of them to get what he/she wanted.  It
wasn't just that parent/child relationship that suffered.  Everyone in the family

I would strongly encourage parents to put aside their differences when it
comes to raising their children.  Relationships change and marriage
relationships are not exempt from change.  I don't believe divorce causes
people to become mentally incompetent and I don't believe that someone
needs to be blamed for the failure of the marriage relationship.  Sometimes
accepting change is the healthiest thing we can do for ourselves and our
children.  If you are able to reach an agreement on a Parenting Plan, that's
great.  Even better if you understand that that plan will likely change over the
years as the needs of your child/children and family change.

If you need an attorney to help you with taking legal actions to establish a
Parenting Plan, get one.  There are many good attorneys that can help you
with these matters.  If you think you can come to an acceptable plan with
some guidance and the help of an impartial evaluator, consider a CFI.  If you
as parents can work together and just need help to develop a Parenting Plan, I
can help you with this and would be happy to be your consultant.
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