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Child and Family Investigator & Custody Consultant
Why Choose Mettler Child Custody Services
A Child and Family Investigator (CFI) is generally appointed by the
Court to assist the Court by gathering information regarding the care
and custody of children whose parents are/were involved in a divorce
proceeding.  CFI's are generally only involved in those cases where the
parents can not agree on a Parenting Plan and they are in conflict
regarding Parenting Time and Decision Making.  The CFI does not
represent either parent.  The CFI is an impartial evaluator/investigator
that focuses on the "Best Interests Of The Child."  

For information regarding Best Interests of the Child and Child and
Family Investigator requirements please refer to the Links navigation
button..  This will direct you to the Colorado Revised Statutes that define
both of these terms.
  • 25 years of experience helping families to resolve conflicts
    and to develop healthy parent/child relationships.
  • Mediation trained professional.
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity trained professional.
  • Trained in specialized interviewing skills with regard to child
  • Flat fee for services offered in many of the judicial districts
    in the Colorado front range.
  • Most evaluations completed in 45-60 days.
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